Price: 25 euro
Mix-and match! This "all time classic" neck-piece will let you be creative!
Black color fiber, silver balls and black crystals make a rope of 64" and end with two tassels details.
Made by order.
TW silver 10 grams
Forever young
Price: 40 euro
A joy to posses! This "Y" style necklace, made of black fiber with graduated silver balls; length 57".
Made by order in different colors.

TW silver 20 grams
Price: 45 euro
Match your moods and occasions! This versatile, long "Y" necklace, is made with silk-like fiber, silver button and crystals; 50" lenght. Made by order in many combinations.

TW silver 2 grams
Price: 30 euro
Nice and simple! This 55" long rope necklace is made of black silk-like fiber with spaced hand knotted balls of crystals and silver balls. Made by order in black plus different colors.

TW silver 5 grams


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