Price: 125 euro
Constructed from gold-like fiber, silver balls, custom made clasp in a hand knotted textured mesh style pattern. Flexible and elegant this unique style is a customer favorite!
Made by order, please allow two weeks for delivery.
TW silver 44 grams
Price: 75 euro
Silver and gold-like fiber ribs, custom made silver clasp and silver balls- make this bracelet simple and elegant.
Made by order
Size: M
TW silver 29 grams
Price: 55 euro
Bangle style bracelet, gold-like fiber with custom made silver clasp and balls; looks well in every person and every occasion.
Made by order
Size: M, L
TW silver 21 grams
Price: 30 euro
Bangles- are the smartest casual type of jewelry; twisted pattern of silver color fiber with silver balls and different color of crystals; fastened by two silver buttons.Make your own color combination with two or three bracelets!
Made by order;  Size: M; TW silver 15 grams
Solei Bracelet
Price: 55 euro

This one of kind design is made of gold-like fiber, silver balls and blue crystals, fastening with two silver buttons and decorative tassels.A must of elegance!
Made by order in gold, silver and black combination.
Size: M, L; TW silver 22 grams

Price: 30 euro
All this bangles style bracelets are lightweight and comfortable; made of silver or gold like fiber with twisted rows of silver balls and colored crystals; custom made clasp. Dare to be different and work out your color combination!
Made by order; Size: M, L; TW silver 15 grams
Olympia Spider
Price: 45 euro
This cuff style bracelet is made in black color fiber with silver balls and colored crystals.Soft and fluffy is fastened in the back with two silver buttons - is made by order in black cord with different hues of colors.
Size: M, L; TW silver 17 grams
Love Nest
Price: 80 euro
One of a kind cuff style bracelet, made in gold-like and silky fiber  in textured romb stitch, CZ; silver balls and colored crystals; fastens at the back with three silver buttons and dangling silver tassels. Timeless design! Check for availability!
Size M; TW silver 22 grams
Price: 60 euro
This cuff style bracelet is made in gold-like fiber with silver buttons and green crystals.Soft but sturdy, pliable and snug free.
Made by order; Size: S, M, L
TW silver 24 grams
Carmencita New
Price: 69 euro
This evase cuff bracelet with scalloped edges and lace-like pattern is made of silver-like fiber with silver balls and Lila color crystals; six silver buttons and loops fastening in the center with silver tassels details. By order only! Size: M, L
TW silver 25 grams
Cecilia Red
Price: 68 euro
A very romantic style of silver fiber  hand knotted in a mesh pattern with silver balls and red crystals;scalloped edges and six silver buttons and loops fastening and silver tassel details are emerging from nostalgia for the gone time.... Made by order with matching necklace. Size: M; TW silver 26 grams
Darcy kaky
Price: 110 euro
This unique style embodies a gracious elegance and a finesse of workmanship! Silk-like kaky color fiber, silver balls, blue crystals, CZ are hand knotted with six silver buttons and loops and tassels details. 
Check for availability!  Size:M, L; TW silver 35 grams
Price: 55 euro
Undeniable elegant, this bracelet, with scalloped edges and contrasting color pattern, meet the approval of style-wise woman! Silver-like fiber, silver balls, Lila color crystals and innovative fastening crafted to create  an absolute comfort and durability.
Made by order; Size : M; Has matching necklace.
TW silver 22 grams
Price: 45 euro
This bangle style bracelet, has a timeless design with silver-like fiber hand knotted in romb mesh pattern with silver balls and colored crystals. Two silver buttons are fastening and crystals tassels end detail. Mix and match for all occasions!  Different combinations are available.
Size: S, M, L; TW silver 14 grams
Faith Red
Price: 58 euro
This cuff style is made id and gild-like fiber, hand knotted in square mesh with silver balls and man made coral balls.Three silver buttons are fastening. Made by order in red, black and gold color combination.
Size: S, M, L; TW silver 18 grams


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