Madlook is mixture of craftsmanship, colors and texture, architecture and tailoring...a new way of making jewelry...
Dear Visitor,
Please allow me to introduce myself: My name is Mariana Ion Xidarakou.
I am a Certified Gemologist Appraiser, a Fine Jewelry Designer and an Artisan Jeweler.
Mission: to bring a contribution and a new perspective to beadwork.
During the last 10 years I systematically stored up ideas on fashion, techniques and new materials allowing me to come up with a new concept: an original knotting technique based on a mesh work and evolved, as I 've explored new designs, in a full line of jewelry, presented under the name of: Madlook.
This line includes necklaces, bracelets and earrings - each individual piece is completely handmade, following complex procedures which require lengthy working periods and great ability and dexterity.
My designs relied on the use  of knots and balls,a mix of texture, clear colors and precise positioning of details.
Madlook jewelery steam from the qualities of the workmanship and the mixing "poor" and "rich"materials to achieve modern look.
I have a preference for romantism, a love for craftsmanship, a pursuit for recognition.. a feel for nostalgic elegance  of .."by gone times"..
My aim is to make real jewelry with no real ( non traditional) materials; jewelry that hold together, are light weight,snug free,soft but sturdy,pliable,versatile, easy to carry and affordable... 
Madlook collection forecast includes styles from whole host of occasions.
I will be honored if you will like to order a ready piece from this site or you will like a custom made piece, for special occasions, to accent a special outfit, or a unique piece that will be cherished for its thoughtfulness and personal touch.
When you commission  a special piece, I'll discuss color, size and style characteristic based on your preferences and any other requirements with you so I can create something perfectly tailored to you or your gift recipient.
I enclose a color sample of beads and cords that I use.
To order please e-mail me at and I will replay to you with all the costs.
Delivery: Lead-time will be within 7 days if stock available. Otherwise 2-3 weeks are needed upon order confirmation. All shipments are courier by U.P.S. or FedEx.
All expenses paid by the buyer
Quality of Products: All items are handmade with silver balls and silver findings. All are marked 925.All weights are for silver content ONLY. The items are heavier than written weight per item. Some designs, in a larger size, may increase the content of silver and time of execution.Please, check the price in advance!
Payment Terms :All orders are on Free-On-Board (F.O.B.) and Cash-On-Delivery ( C.O.D.)basis.
Please don't hesitate in contacting me for any requests or comments you may have!
Thank you for your interest!


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